11 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I am very intrested in MWMC. I live in the Northern KY / Cincinnati Ohio area. Wheres your closest chapter.


    1. I live in Scituate,Ma are there any chapters near here or Boston area? 617 957 5008 text me anytime Thank You SGT Sweed aka Hamchuck



  2. I’m a retired Army veteran , and would like more information on how possibly I could join your organization. I currently ride a 2018 Harley Trike. I chose the trike due to my knees. I can be reached at ssglott@yahoo.com . I currently drive a truck cross country.


  3. I am a combat veteran and currently serving in Missouri guard. I was asked to put together a MC style program for each unit in the state. This was to help mentor and manage the active Guard and reserve Soldiers in the state that ride motorcycles.
    Possum From the el forastero MC told me to get a hold of you and speak to scuba.


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