Men of War MC’s Second Annual Dice Run held in Kansas City, MO

In each one of us, there’s always an internal voice that questions the decisions we’ve made. But dwelling on the past only allows those mistakes free reign in your head. You’re not defined by those past experiences, only guided by them. Success in the game of life is not defined or measured by monetary gain or vanity. It is rather, in my opinion, defined by living a life filled with happiness and quality.
So many have sacrificed everything to build and maintain the foundation of this country that allows us to pursue happiness and freedom. We must live in their honor, so please my fellow warriors, do not forget that if your journey leads you to a dark place, it’s okay to ask for help from your brothers. Be courageous, choose life. Own your experiences and destroy their ability to own you.

The Men of War MC is prepared to join in that battle and stand beside you through those rough times.
Want to do what we do? Do what we’ve done.
We will be hosting an event on Sept 17th to benefit War Dogs Making It Home. Which in turn benefits our nation’s warriors who suffer from PTSD/TBI, which could possibly help reduce the number of veterans that commit suicide each day from the current 22.